Team Win Recovery Project
Sideloaded from a Bodhi box, if I remember right.
CyanogenMod CyanogenMod (O.S.)
Google Play
I still have nightmares about the install. Windows drivers died in the middle of installation and the Nexus' O.S. vaporized. Two days and a Linux box later...
Google Play
Super User manager.
Real VNC
Google Play
If you don't know, go back to posting selfies on facebook.
fing Fing
Amazon Network scanner and tools.
Network Tools
Google Play
More Network tools.
Google Play
It's SSH. S-S-H. Secure...nevermind.

Raspi Check
Google Play
Shows a LOT of specific Raspi information.

Rasberry Control
Google Play
Controls a lot of Raspi functions (needs an install on Raspi)
Overbite Android
Gopher Client. Old Skool interweb.

Network Signal Info
Google Play
WI-FI and Cell anaylizer.

Servers Ultimate Pro
Turns the tablet into a _______ server.  I think it was listed at $10. I got it from "Free App Of The Day".

Hacker's Keyboard
Google Play
Awesome. Just wish there was a ".com" button.

Only works plugged in with > 90% battery charge.

Hiro Macro
Google Play
Playback simulated touches on the tablet. Great for "mining" in My Singing Monsters and the like.