Top of the desk.
I'm using Cree LED bulbs at 9 watts so the whole room lights up at 27 watts instead of the previous 180 watts with regular bulbs.
The three lights are individually controlled with the constant power on the left, a Sainsmart board loaded with eight (room to expand) 2-AMP Solid State Relays in the middle, and the switched power on the right (only three are live so far).

Under the desk.
One of two low power Gigabyte motherboards used as workstations complete with low power solid state drives.
The other workstation is the same setup on the right side of the desk minus the network switch, Raspberry Pi, and relay board.
The relay board controls two cold cathode accent lights under the desk and is connected to the same Raspberry PI that controls the top lights .

The desk and a phone screen shot.
Here you can see the CCL accent lights lit up under the desk. The Raspberry PI has a web server and modified Python script that switches the lights, so...
The lighting system can be controlled by anything on my network with a web browser, computer, tablet, phone, whatever.